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The Problem Of Unemployment In India

In this mission iam planning to do about unemployment in India, and how the government overcome the unemployment here, and what is the cost of unemployment, For more details, we can see the following:

Unemployment in INDIA

India is a country with massive unemployment problems. Unemployment can function as a state of inactivity for a man fit and ready to be defined. It is a condition of involuntary and voluntary idleness. Some features of unemployment were identified as follows:

A. The incidence of unemployment is significantly higher than in urban areas in the countryside.

2. Unemployment for women than for men.

Three. The incidence of unemployment among the educated is much higher than the total unemployment.

4. There is more unemployment in agriculture than in manufacturing and other key areas.

Economists and social scientists, thinkers have divided into different types of unemployment. In general, unemployment can be divided into two types:

(1) Voluntary unemployment

predominate in this type of unemployment a person from working on his own desire to set wages, or work. Whether he will have higher wages, or do not want to all.It actually makes social problem to social disorder. Social problems and forces, such as a revolution, a social revolution, a class struggle, a financial or economic crisis, a war between nations, mental illness, political corruption, mounting unemployment and crime, etc. threatens a well-functioning society. Social values ​​are often viewed as dynamic forces in society. They contribute to the strength and stability in social order. But because of the rapid social changes come new values ​​and reduce some of the old values. Meanwhile, people are not able to reject the old and fully accept the new total.Here is the conflict between the old and new, the inevitable result that leads to social disorganization imposed in the situation. In economic terminology, this situation is voluntary unemployment.

(2) voluntary unemployment

In such a situation, the person who is unemployed to say nothing. This means that a person is separated from the offer of work without pay, even if he is able to earn his salary, and also try to earn it. Methods and types of unemployment is to Hock.

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(3) Cyclical unemployment – This is a result of the economic cycle, which is part of the capitalist system. In such a system is more unemployment and depression when it made a large number of people unemployed. Since such a financial crisis is a result of the economic cycle, unemployment is a part of it.

(4) Sudden unemployment – If at the point where workers have been employed, there are some changes, a large number of unemployed persons. It’s all in industry, commerce and industry, where people are employed in a job and suddenly, when the job is finished they will be asked to leave.

(5) Unemployment caused by the failure of some industries – in many cases, closing a business, a factory or an industry has. There can be various factors responsible are disagreements between the parties, companies can be large losses or business may not prove to be useful and so on.

(6) Unemployment due to a deterioration in business – in various industries, trade or business, sometimes it’s worse. This deterioration is due to various factors. The effectiveness of the employer, sharply lower profits competitions etc. are some of the factors that lead to a deterioration in the industry and the company.

(7) Seasonal unemployment – certain industries and traders involved workers for a given season. If the season ended the workers are made unemployed. Sugar industry is an example of this type of seasonal unemployment.

The problem of unemployment is enormous. Various issues have caused this problem.There are individual factors such as age, disability and physical disabilities, to limit the people. External factors are technological and economic factors. There is tremendous increase in population. Each year India adds to the population again. be more than this every year about 5 million people are eligible to secure jobs. BA is subject to ups and downs of economic cycles and globalization. Economic depression or sick industries is often close to convincing their employees become unemployed. Technological development contributes to economic development. But unplanned and uncontrolled growth of technology is chaos on job opportunities. The data processing and automation have led to technological unemployment. Strikes and lockouts are inseparable aspects of the industrial world. Because these industries often face economic and production is lost. Since the employee does not receive salary or wages during the strike they are suffering from financial difficulties. You are permanently or temporarily unemployed.Today’s youth are not ready to jobs that are considered socially demeaning or low rise.Our education system has its own fatal error and their contribution to unemployment are preparing an open truth.Our education is not the head of the young generation to become self-employed, on the contrary, it makes them dependent on government agencies, which are difficult to achieve. Our state of the start of the five-year plans, several employment initiatives and programs over the years, but generating, in the absence of proper implementation and monitoring have failed, introduced to achieve the necessary goals. Recently UPA government with Rural Employment Guarantee Programme, which will provide the minimum days of employment to people living in villages. This is a laudable program, if sincere, because it will provide employment for people reacted during natural disasters such as droughts, floods, etc. measures to reduce unemployment may be more emphasis on creating opportunities for independent work, increased productivity and income of the laity working poor, trying to shift focus from the establishment of relief type of work for the construction of fixed productive assets in rural areas and, instead, can anything be accelerated back to protectionist measures, the pace of privatization


Unemployment problem can be resolved in India by introducing corporate farming system, improving the marketing system, social security for farmers, subsidiaries

Indian agriculture is an area that can solve future unemployment situation in India, but this is the most neglected area of ​​the politicians and public officials.

Now I will list down some important points, this can be done.

Introducing Corporate farming system

The Soviet method of farming can not fit. The solution may be corporate agriculture, where companies invest their money and share technology in agriculture, the benefit of farmers. Enhance the most important agricultural scene in India, is water. For this we need to build large dams.

Agriculture in India need more support from industry. Food Machinery too.In India, only 2% of agricultural production is processed. In developed countries it is as high as 80%.It is better to give back to the farmers from their fields and also to remove as industry middlemen buy direct from farmers. The Government must also invest irrigation technologies and more efficient, reliable and cost effective credit system.

Improving the marketing system and social security

Promotion should also be improved. Social Security must be submitted for each person in India. It will mean at least that people do not live in acute poverty if the crops fail, or they lose their jobs. However, it should be clear that without the employment generated by services and manufacturing.

We can also help farmers, where traditional cultures have been a failure due to water shortages by offering them help plant crops such as jatropha, which only need a small amount of water, and will also help direct the business, as in productionhelps biofuels.

Subsidization of farmers and implement crop insurance scheme

Other suggestions would be complete crop insurance and farm subsidies are used instead of the consumer. The government needs to subsidize farmers heavily to reduce the situation, the price of food, and it is on the market at a competitive price available, instead of buying from the farmers and sell them cheaply to the public.

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The government has to subsidize everything first. Improved irrigation system must be created. We are good at production, but if an effective system is down, it would be much better. Irrigation is the key. We have natural resources, so we have to use it better. For example, completed in Gujarat, Sardar Sarovar after the project, it would not only drinking water to Saurashtra / Kutch region, but also opportunities for a better agricultural products in the not-so fertile land in the region. So there must be an increased effort on the part of the government in developing a better infrastructure for agriculture.

Increasing storage

The government should create more space for the fall, as Indian granaries are overflowing and rot, while people can not afford food die of starvation. We need to figure out a system that we can better manage the food industry and better.

Why do farmers commit suicide?

Most farmers who commit suicide do a poor choice of plants and grow high-risk crops such as cotton, tobacco, etc. drought and pests, these plants are much easier than others destroy. The government can do about it much (and I know it works). You should read our research and consulting services and advice to farmers to plant what and what not. In addition, much emphasis is placed on research to find plants that are grown to diversify. Fruit crops, some cereals, pulses need less water and fewer resources wisely.The education of farmers about these “non-traditional” options and opportunities are very important.

Tightening of agricultural credit system

The agricultural credit system should be so tight that the farmers credit only if they are to make informed decisions. In this way, farmers will not be in serious debt and not be forced to kill himself.

I think that if these steps are carried out effectively in agriculture, as agriculture in India can provide employment for millions of people in rural and urban areas of the country people, the urban areas are going to get work in other areas will return to their villages and hard work in agriculture, for the basic living conditions for their activities in their area are doing.

I invite everyone not just the Indian community, but also the global Internet community, the entrances to share in this concern.

COST unemployment

Most economists agree that high unemployment is not only costly to individuals and families directly affected, but also local and regional economy and the economy as a whole. We can distinguish between the economic costs of people without work and the social costs of doing so often follow.

Lost production of goods and services

Unemployment leads to a waste of scarce economic resources and reduces the duration of the growth potential of the economy. An economy with high unemployment is to produce in its production possibility frontier. The hours that work the unemployed can not ever be won.

But if unemployment can be reduced, the total national production increases, leading to an improvement in welfare.

Fiscal costs of government

High unemployment has an impact on government spending, taxes and the amount of debt each year

An increase in unemployment leads to higher pensions and lower taxes revenues.When individuals are unemployed, they receive not only treatment but also pay no tax.

Because they use less they contribute less to the government in taxes.

This increase in public spending and the decline in tax revenue could lead to higher public debt requirement (known as a public sector net cash requirement) Score

Welfare loss of investment in human capital

Unemployment waste some of the scarce resources in the training of workers.Furthermore, workers who are unemployed for long periods of de-skilled as their skills are increasingly in a rapidly changing labor market dates. This reduces the chances of employment in the future, which, in turn, the financial burden for the state and society.Check out the review on page Long-Term Unemployment

Social costs of unemployment

Rising unemployment is a social and economic disadvantage is – there is no correlation between rising unemployment and rising crime and increasing social dislocation (increased divorce, the decline in health and lower life expectancy).

Areas with high unemployment and declining real income and expenditure, and a growing number of relative poverty and income inequality. Than younger workers are more geographically mobile than older workers, there is a risk that areas with higher than average unemployment, suffering from an aging workforce potential – making them less attractive as investment locations for new businesses.


From the above we can see what unemployment is taking place in India, and what different types of unemployment in India and what are the steps taken by Government to overcome the unemployment in India and also we are seeing is what the costs of unemployment

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