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The Politics Of Class Warfare Affect The Economy Economics Essay

In the past decade there has been another affluent group of people emerging in East Harlem, free enterprise is coming around and the working class is fading, this tug of war between improving a neighbor or forcible eviction of poor has become one more economic factor to the city’s wealth per capita, a revanchist culture of class warfare, using new tool of control. It is Manhattan’s last remaining development and it is on the agenda of the tax revenue of our city’s government. This has creates a thump of inequality between the rich and the poor, because people have different economic resources. Gentrification was a plot in reconstructing the community to attract buyers coming from parts of the country and of the world paying huge sums of money for real estate and businesses which is no longer for gentifiers

East Harlem according to Manhattan Community Board District11 prepared a 197 Plan (Revised 1999), the policy served has a guide for the future growth and development of East Harlem its goal is to increase housing opportunities for all income groups, strengthen existing retail and business opening, rehabilitate all vacant residential buildings by the year 2004, strengthen educational and employment opportunities, strengthen cultural resources and recreational space and to improve quality of life. However, this plan has not truly benefited the poor but the rich.

The resident of East Harlem has observed the building of capital project, private and nonprofit developments in East Harlem spending millions of dollars with very few jobs. Many residents of East Harlem lack the skill necessary for Blue collar jobs. Many of these jobs are entry level position for low paying wages with fewer opportunities for advancement. The housing shortage for the working class depends on the City’s policy toward the area and the effectiveness of the political resistance of the community. The question between inequities over class is not just between those who support capitalism but those who want to remain dependent of government programs. The problems East Harlem is facing is whether small business can remain and compete in the area under the rezoning regulation, the opening of new bank branches that can provide the services to stimulate local market by attracting entree to local businesses, promoting long term economic development, job development and promoting community renewal. Other factors include affordable housing and the development of luxury condominiums, cooperatives and homes that receives tax abatement that sets aside small fraction of apartments for East Harlem residents at discount prices and if these apartment that are set aside will be rented rather than staying vacant for a period of time.

Community Board 11 197 A Plans is to stimulate the economy’s growth in East Harlem and much of the money should be invested in the community, which will then attract more business that will provide 25% of its job force to East Harlem residents. For every newly constructed building 15% of its units should go to low income residents of East Harlem.

In the New York Times article “Making all the Stops, From Reasonable to Ritzy” says that East Harlem is the next hot neighborhood and more people are finding their way every day to the wealth of apartments spiraling up the area extends to East River between 96th and 125th Streets between the river and Fifth Avenue. Price, above all, is the driving force for change in the neighborhood, which has long been considered one of the city’s poorest and is still very short on services like retail shops and restaurants. The rental of apartments, condos and co-ops pricing as for much $400,000 for a one-bedroom condo or $699,000 for a 1,345-square foot, three-bedroom, three-bath unit with 500 square feet of outdoor space and Town houses on the marketing for 1.3 million and small business and restaurants reconstructing to upscale businesses. Property Owners in East Harlem had begun to upgrade their buildings and increase rents, the building of East River Plaza commercial center the means to continue economic development.

Class warfare has been exiting since 200 of years and though class struggle is worldwide, class warfare in America takes on certain characteristics. Capitalism depends on profit and it practiced all over the world. Capitalism cannot be denied, it works wonderfully for a lot of things such as: food, cars, shoes, clothes, furniture, and property in cases as the “invisible hand” of Adam Smith works well most of the time.

In my research paper I plan to find a resolution to defend the interest of poor and of the working class to lobbying against the rich, after years of buying politicians, they managed to take apart the regulations and protections of the working families.

Plan of Work

There is a vast amount of literature on Class warfare. On the other hand, I am focusing on how the politics of Class warfare wages war against the poor and on the working class by using gentrification has a tool for class warfare. Although Capitalism stresses freedom of individual economic enterprise, however, government action has curbed its power of abuse. I will not focus on racial discrimination.

I have continued my research to journal, newspaper articles and other resources to

additional information on my subject matter. I will continue my research to speak to people who has the knowledge on class warfare and verify their indication for my research. I am able to provide a clear report of my finding and the sources that has lead me with my discovery. The more information I discover the more knowledgeable I will become.

I will include personal interviews which will provide me the opportunity to explore or ask follow-up questions. I will include in my research paper is the demographic of the residents of East Harlem. In my research I will include the ages of 18 years and above, different ethnicity and educational background and income. In choosing this group it will demonstrate that class warfare does not racial discrimination but it discriminates on income.

I will discuss in my paper the factors that have affected the quality of living in East Harlem, as well as the continuous change in East Harlem. The factors that I will include in my paper will be defining capitalism, the influences of class warfare in East Harlem, gentrification of East Harlem, is capitalism in step with democracy. My paper will follow the outlined below:

Outline of Proposed Paper



Defining Capitalism

Ideology of Capitalism

Capitalism in America

The influences of Class Warfare in East Harlem

The Political decision of the political leaders on Plan 197 A in East Harlem

The economic crisis in East Harlem

Gentrification in East Harlem

Blockbusting and its principals

The changes of the neighborhood

Capitalism in step with democracy

The development of East Harlem in a Free Market Society

Capitalism in a Democratic society


East Harlem continues to undergo a demographic change. It is the last remaining development in Manhattan. Under the City Policy of the Community Board 197 A Plan it creates the future growth and development of East Harlem. The majority of the population of East Harlem is living under a capitalism system, which is failing to meet the needs of the population. Under capitalism, profit comes before the people and the environment; it adds wealth and power to a small marginal of people who are in control of the money and the resources. Politicians decide on legislation. The federal government (HUD) financially encourages the creation of townhouses or condominiums with specific requirements for mixed income housing. The New York State or City government offers tax incentives for revitalization. City government may create zoning changes to encourage an entry of new businesses and residents. The role of government is clearly to represent the will of the people, to whom both government and business are responsible to.

Capitalism and free market needs to have a structure which to operate competently. These structures consist of rules and regulation that is needed in the same way democracy needs its laws which set its own structure. Without a set of laws democracy becomes disorganized, just as well as free market. Politician responds in the same pace to set the structure. As a result a gap is created which produces the wrongdoing in the marketplace it leads to a degree of chaos.

Review of Literature

The literature I have reviewed has provided me with an account of information that is significant to my paper

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