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How to Write a College Application Essay: Tips & Sample

Don’t know how to write a college application essay? There is no need to panic since it can be quite an interactive experience. Without much surprise, one may need some form of application essay help to overcome such a challenge. That begs the question of where can one get the best possible resources to do so. However, now with the Essay Service on your side, one has access to a reliable college application essay writing service that will help you get into the right university. This article will highlight some of the most effective ways used to write a college admission essay which will always wow the examiner.


What is an application essay?

Facing the question of how to write a great application essay has finally found its match. As we all know when trying to apply to join any higher level academic institution there are some requirements that a student must meet before being accepted into the programme. Some students choose to seek the help of a college application essay writing service, nonetheless this post is tailored to assist everyone. Firstly, one must submit the necessary grades from their high school years as well as their SAT’s or IB test scores according to what the case is. However, the second part of the enrollment process revolves around tailoring a persuasive college application essay on the topics given or available. This type of task is known to carry many names. Nonetheless, the most common denominators used to reference it are:

What all these revolve around is, in essence, a written statement submitted by an individual applicant that is seeking to enroll at a particular university, college or graduate school. No matter what term is used for it to be brought into perspective the purpose of the common application essay is to help students secure a spot in the academic institution which will best fit them. As far as the requirements for a college application essay go, they can vary depending on the school you are interested in. Nonetheless, there are a number of strategies as well as tips which students can use to help make this process significantly easier and a lot less stressful on them. Throughout this article, we will discuss various methods that students can use to approach their common application essay topics.

In some cases, one may be required to write their common application paper according to a given promptThese common application essay topics can range from being open-ended to extremely specific. A somewhat famous example comes from the University of Chicago having asked their applicants

“What would you do with a foot-and-a-half-tall jar of mustard?”

As strange as some application essay prompts can get it is essential to maintain a positive attitude and discover complex ways of tackling them. Regardless of what topic one chooses to explore all the elements used should be directed towards creating one big idea similar to a personal thesis which will help give the application essay format a smooth, logical flow. Despite the intimidating nature of such a college application paper think of it as a chance to describe yourself in an interesting and informative manner to the examiner.

One of the most challenging application essay prompts was given out by a single word by one of the Oxfords affiliates. However, most colleges will give you more than just that to work with.

How does a college application essay writing service work?

To make it as simple as possible one can use our blogs to learn how to write a college application essay or directly buy one from us. For those with busy schedules choosing to pay for a college admission essay might be the better option since they can get the editing needed to make it perfect or just leave it to the professionals. Overall this aspect is quite straightforward, however, what should the students seeking to do it all themselves make of it?

Things tend to get complicated because the local resources might not have sufficient knowledge about the common application essay length required for the specific college you are interested in. Luckily, the Essay Service has invested a significant amount of time and resources into researching what helps teach individuals how to write a college application essay which will land them in the university they deserve. Generally, students are looking to apply locally within the United States. However, we have noticed that recently there is a growing number of students seeking to try out life abroad. With that in mind, our college application essay writing service has researched various requirements for taking one’s talents overseas with top-notch admission papers.

Visibly, the Essay Service team is here to assist everyone reaches their dreams no matter where they might lead them. Now that you have found out about us we hope that you make good use of this college application essay writing service and the secret tips revealed here.

Is there a format to writing a college admission essay?

Due to the nature of this assignment, it is quite hard to give it a general college application essay format which would work everywhere. Nonetheless, there are many methods students can apply to their common application essay topics. One of the more critical elements of these assignments is their word count. For most universities students can find previous successful college application essays which are about 500 words in length. With that in mind, we must craft our outline knowing that we do not have infinite space to approach the chosen topic. As counterproductive as this might sound it is recommended that you make use of at least two drafts. The reason for doing so is in the first part one will ignore the word count and write out how they envision the common application essay topic. The following draft will summarize the crucial information as well as the core of the story into what will become the required 500 words college admission essay.

Most common application essay examples will suggest that students focus on simple topicssuch as writing about yourself, family, a fond memory, etc. But it is quite hard to summarize our entire lives in 500 words or less in a college application paper. An excellent way to look at the college application essay format is the best looking slice of your lives cake, which should be intriguingly presented to the examiner.

Overall each prestigious academic institution will most likely have its own unique common application essay guidelines to assist their candidates. This can range from a lot of elements such as the available prompts if any. However, what is certain for most colleges is how examiners will evaluate your grades and performance regarding after-school activities, sports, charities, being part of local/international competitions, examples of leadership, etc.

How can I get the most admission essay help possible?

As the saying goes you have to play the hand you’re dealt. What that means for us in this scenario is making use of all the resources around us to produce the best possible college admission essay. Quite often the best place to start when looking for inspiration is by checking if there are any advisors or tutors available in your school. Usually, those individuals can provide the students with brochures or give them a schedule of when university representatives will visit their facilities. However, if those resources seem to be insufficient, then we suggest having a look online at a reliable common application essay example.

The most important thing to understand is that you are not alone in this journey of conquering the common application paper. Several people have struggled while preparing their college application essay topics. Truth be told there is no perfect way to tackle the task at hand. The best thing one can do is find the most suitable way to express their potential through the use of the college admission essay. So to help you out with such an endeavor below is a list of fantastic tips and tricks to help get the job done.

Tips and Tricks To Writing a College Application Essay

 College Application essay tips and tricks

If you are the type of student who likes to do it themselves, then this is the bread and butter of the college application paper. Remember to read the instructions carefully before applying these tips to your college application essay:

Got a prompt? Analyze it thoroughly.

As previously mentioned some universities will give out various prompts for each student to choose from. Try not to overthink the situation and pick the one that you feel most comfortable with. The common application essay prompts can vary from being a sentence, a well-known expression, a hypothetical situation, to something concrete such as the current political events. No matter what topic is chosen for the college application paper, examine the issue using an analytical perspective to help highlight the required skills. Picking a suitable theme is always half the battle, no matter what prestigious institution one would like to attend, as it will determine if they will have a successful college application essay or not.

Organize your thoughts

The backbone of any successful college application essay is its structure. Without structure, it will be hard to have the common application paper reach its full potential. Make use of a rough draft to synthesize the core concept logically and enticingly. This will help get the common application essay length in check and get the message across clearly while also keeping the reader interested. If the assignment does not have a clear structure, then it will be somewhat difficult for the examiner to follow your thoughts. Doing so could lead to them consider someone else’s college application essay over yours as it has a more transparent structure even if the ideas are not as well developed.

Show, don’t tell

Quite often when undertaking any academic task, we tend to get carried away and elaborate on things which are not so crucial. For example, if you are trying to make use of anecdotes it is essential to keep the ones which are the most relevant since the amount of space is quite limited. The focus is to use the available word count to illustrate one’s self-reflection ability and understanding of various life lessons through analysis. An important thing to keep in mind at all times is:

the examiners do not know you personally.

Thus making the most of the college application essay can leave them with a good impression after reading hundreds of them.

Know the terminology

For some particular courses, students are required to be acquainted with specific abbreviations and terminology. Thus, it is vital to make use of these correctly throughout the entire college application essay. An excellent example of such can be individuals applying for an interior art design course but only describe how well they can use a drilling machine. While the use of correct terminology is encouraged one must keep in mind not to overuse it where it does not fit just for the sake of it. Remember it can come across as strange to the examiner due to the various shades of grey which context can impact a sentence.

Use appropriate vocabulary

This goes beyond making use of the dictionary to find the adequate words to use in a common application paper. What it means is stick to what you know works best in such a scenario. For any writer, it is important to find their inner voice to guide them while writing a college application essay. Without it, one might see trouble in putting the pieces of the puzzle together and allowing the examiner to appreciate it simultaneously. It is not a bad thing to try and use words that give extra color to a phrase, but keep in mind not to force the metaphor into existence at any point in your college application paper.

Stick to the point, be succinct

As dull as it might sound by this point, you must be aware of the word count limitations in their college application essay. By keeping things succinct yet vivid one can find the perfect balance to give their paper a unique flavor. Most successful college application essays do this well, thus keeping the examiner interested in the piece until the end.

Choose a topic that allows you to shine

The journey to learning how to write a college application essay begins with finding the perfect topic. While browsing through the web one can see how the most prominent common application essay examples make use of their respective theme uniquely. Some even opt to make it quite interactive as it will stimulate the reader’s imagination. Keep in mind that picking a topic that sounds interesting might not be the best approach. Always go for something you can easily relate to and turn into a masterpiece without too much time being devoted to this part of the assignment.

Stay focused on the task at hand and do not deviate

Wondering how to start a college application essay about yourself is quite difficult to cover because we are given 500 words or less. One of the most encountered issues is focusing down the assignment so that it contains only the most relevant information. This is usually done by revisiting the drafts over and over again. It is a repetitive process which takes a significant amount of time. Nonetheless, this component is a significant part of learning how to write a great college application essay.

Be unique, it is ok to be inspired by others but remain true to yourself

As we all know there are those topics which have been used one too many times over the years. The best way to think about it is in terms of food. There are numerous reasons why we all enjoy the classics, such as pasta carbonara or a delicious juicy steak. Nonetheless, you can choose to add their own seasoning to their home-cooked meals. Thus, the same can be said about creating successful college application essays. Despite the joy of reading through a classic, after having too many steaks, one does feel a little ill. Overall, we strongly suggest that students seek to add a touch of their personality and soul to each college application essay sample being sent out.

The secret to WOW the college admission essay examiner

Having understood the tips and tricks which can be used to get the job done, now we will dive into slightly more technical elements which you may choose to incorporate into their college application essay topics to sweeten the deal. Keep in mind that combining all the components highlighted here will significantly increase the effectiveness of your common application paper. So without any more time being wasted let’s get cracking shall we:

  • Have a unique opening, consider using witty anecdotes

Due to the nature of their job, examiners have most likely read a college application essay sample which is similar to yours. Thus, one way to take away from the monotony of going through another common application paper about someone’s family or whatever the case may be, try starting the piece off with a memorable quote from them. It is best to use some of their most famous words such as

“You attitude will always determine your altitude.”

Using such an element breaks the ice quickly leading to a connection being created between the author and the examiner right from the start. The application essay format should be tailored around it so that the quote does not feel out of place and does not confuse us. Overall, it is a great way to get started nowadays especially since it gives the college application paper a very personal touch and feel to it.

  • Try evaluating the piece from the examiner’s perspective

A significant part of writing up successful college application essays comes from being able to assess the work from the examiner’s perspective. It is not always the most natural thing to ask of someone, especially in the case of an experienced academic. However, regardless of whether it is a UK college application sampleIB application essay example or a local admission essay they should all look to see it from the examiner’s perspective. The trick to doing so successfully is to do some research on previous samples that the university or college saw as being top notch. Nonetheless, most of these institutions are looking for confident individuals capable of understanding their limitations and holistically analyze any situation.

  • Do not go out of your way just to impress

The expression dress to impress is quite suitable here, however, do not overdo it. It is crucial for the college application essay questions to be addressed in an elegant and convincing manner. Despite looking to impress the examiner, it is essential to stay true to yourself. What it means is avoiding trying to look like a person you are not. Even if we are striving for perfection, attempting to come across as that can have much harsher consequences than just being yourself when put to the test. This way the individual has created an environment where they are not overestimated nor underestimated. It is quite similar to a job interview in a lot of ways.

  • Look at successful samples from the past for inspiration

As previously mentioned looking for successful college application essay examples it is important to take it all with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it must be a consideration of what was once satisfactory in the past might now be outdated. A more natural way to grasp such a concept is by creating a comparison to the evolution of technology. For example not so long ago in the early 90’s we used floppy disks as a mean of storage space. The growing need for more space leads to it later evolving to CD’s as they had more storage space. Ultimately now we are using DVD’s or simply storing all our data online. Being fully aware of the world around us is a great way to get inspiration for any college application paper. Visibly everything around us changes with time due to the evolutionary nature of humanity. Thus, it is crucial to keep this in mind when looking at previous college application essay examples since there might be new requirements in place now for your particular university.

  • Never pretend to be someone you are not, be an authentic leader

One thing which is for sure, universities and colleges alike are tasked with training the next generation of global leaders. Thus, one can safely assume there are some personal traits examiners are looking for. However, leaders are not born they are made. Hence, even if you feel you might fall short in one or more of these categories try to stay positive since there is always room for improvement. Some say the most significant trait of a future leader is not having a fatalistic approach to life’s never-ending challenges. Remember the officials will tend to be more lenient towards an applicant if they have shown real potential in their college application essay sample.

  • Use the given word count to the max

The hardest section of any common application paper remains the limited amount of words that you are given to work with. It is indescribably strange to have 500 words to display one’s best qualities as well as an idea of what the future holds. Some of the methods used to overcome such a challenge involve revisiting the piece over and over again until you feel it is perfect. The next stage is having family members, friends and even strangers read it and see what they think about it. What you should look for from this experiment is finding out where does the individual come off as being authentic and what one can do to improve on the sections sounding a bit shaky.

I need special application essay help since I am applying for studies abroad

This section is dedicated entirely to those students planning to study abroad. Here we will cover the academic requirements as well as some common college application essay examples you should be aware of when looking to do so. The main regions we will be looking at are the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Australia. It is not surprising that each adds a bit of their own flavor to a college application paper, nonetheless, let us discuss the most effective strategies when tackling this challenge.

United Kingdom

We all have a lot of common application essay questions when it comes to discussing this topic since it is not as popular to go and study abroad here in the US. Such an occurrence is due to the variety and number of local academic institutions that always get the job done. Nonetheless, some gifted students would like to take their talents to schools such as Cambridge or Oxford. Thus, to help as best we can in this process, we will be giving out a basic breakdown of how to apply to universities in the UK.

The most important thing to be aware of when seeking to do so is that all applications to this part of the world require you to use UCAS. What such a platform represents is a standardized means available to all students wishing to further their studies in the UK. Whether you like it or not one cannot submit any documents, including the common application paper, without having gone through the system. The best thing to do is just go on the main page and check out the five stages of enrollment as well as the deadlines for whatever field of study you are interested in. One of the pluses is all the information needed to apply as well as the deadlines are easy to find and neatly organized. However, an issue can be the time zone difference as a number of procedures need to be completed before a specific time in the UK so be sure to have it sorted out in good time to avoid any possible unnecessary complications.

Western Europe

Most European countries, besides the UK, have a similar enrollment to the one at home regarding the college application essay requirements. Thus, the students will be required to present recommendations, a motivation letter as well as their previous academic grades. Nonetheless, one of the issues international American students face when usually applying to these institutions is EU citizens being heavily favored. Thus, it is vital the college application paper shine bright like a diamond. In such a case it is slightly more challenging to get it all sorted out because it is more time-consuming. Despite not being a top priority as an international student it can give one time to sort out all the legal documents. In such a scenario all students should have translated their official documents to match those of the country they wish to study in. This might involve also translating one’s college application essay sample if it is a language course especially. If it is an EEA country, then you will most likely also be required to take a number of written tests to determine one’s placing or suitability.


Overall as an international destination, Australia has some of the most welcoming requirementsfor US students with an influential college application essay. In essence, the most challenging pick is finding out the entry requirements for the course as well as completing all the legal documents. Nonetheless, one cannot apply for a visa until they have received a written confirmation stating they have been accepted by the university and their college application essay is adequate. If you are doubtful about being able to impress the examiner do not hesitate to contact our college application essay writing service for more information. One of the most important things to have prepared is overseas health insurance as it is a different continent and sometimes this can create various sensibilities in the body.

College Application Essay Sample

If you have been looking for a common application essay example, then this section is of the utmost relevance. The sample below represents the backbone of how to write a great college application essay.

“What draws me the most to this institution is that we share a common vision. It is often difficult to be in tune with one’s environment and produce outstanding results. My interest in business administration and sports have fueled my fire and desire to succeed. I think this institution gives its students the best chance to interact and grow within a multicultural environment which is always quite welcoming. The experience such an opportunity provides is priceless, not only due to the positive community but also thanks to the faculty. Having a dedicated staff that puts students growth into perspective is a great way to get ready for the challenges of life as an adult. Throughout my studies, I have obtained a basic understanding of business and its various components. Nonetheless, I would like to develop my knowledge regarding its management. Since I am quite outgoing and friendly working with people comes naturally to me, despite the difficulties that sometimes occur when handling a company's human resources.

Having completed the IB programme in 2012, I am quite comfortable with tight deadlines as well as approaching my work from a holistic perspective. With that in mind, it is quite apparent why this State University intrigued me. Luckily, we were given a presentation at my high school which inspired me to get more information online. The diversity of available courses as well as study groups is almost a bit overwhelming but extremely attractive at the same time. Similar to most students having experienced some form of lectures from a young age, it is entirely revitalizing to approach academia interactively. The lecturers use of case studies, and modern-day examples we can research in various business journals represents a rare culinary delight leaving you asking for more. Despite my growing interest in the field of management I yet to have the opportunity to get any real experience in a corporate environment. Nonetheless, I have organized a few fundraisers as well as ran a successful small snack bar. By examining various business case studies and assessing what helped them succeed or fail I hope to be able to build on top of my current knowledge.

This State University has all the necessary tools to develop the country's future generation of leader. By allowing its student body to collaborate and interact with each other on various projects involving two or more departments it creates a real-life learning environment. Such an interactive approach to learning is just what I am looking for since education is meant to prepare me for the everyday challenges of having adult responsibilities. Overall, I am looking to soak every ounce of knowledge that is bestowed upon me throughout my time at this institution. I hope to be able to contribute in a positive way to the community of this state university by encouraging those around me to share the same intellectual curiosity.” 
Fast and perfect is our forte


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