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Gender Inequality in Business

Gender inequality in the workplace is the main reasons why women’s jobs often have lower pay and status. Women are less probably to have higher paying professional, technical, and managerial jobs. Women usually have a much greater representation in secretarial and service positions. They outnumbered men in office jobs in, even though a relatively small percentage of women are in the labor force. For so many reason women are less likely to be promoted to the job with a higher wage, even if they are qualified the same as the men. Part of this inequity is accounted for by the responsibilities that women have at home. Family and home commitments often limit the time, and energy women can devote to work, which makes them appear less committed or competent than men, who can spend more time at their jobs.

To start a new job with gender inequality in the workplace could significantly affect women’s motivation to achieve their task in a correct way. I advise to women beginning a career in business to develop negotiation skills stand to speak out against the gender discrimination for their benefit and others. As an employee, they should have to understand the law in place to prevent discrimination in the workplace. An example is an equal pay, discrimination based on their gender.

Negotiation is a part of daily life whether we are aware of it or not, we all negotiate for the thing we want. For example, people may negotiate to get higher salaries, better service, and for so many different reasons. In most case women afraid to negotiate, because they believe that there will be a social backlash against them. However, negotiation skills help to ensure that all parties are equally advantaged from the inequality that occurs. Always women have to prepare for any negotiation. One of the keys to any negotiation is to do research on the issue in order to develop your strategy. I advise that women should improve their negotiating skills by practicing objectivity. I encourage women to do some research about the job that gets offered before they accept the job. We all know many companies pays less money for women than men for doing the same job. First, research the market and be aware what your skills and knowledge are worth. The more knowledge or information you get from you research will help to you to decide wisely and will also give you the chance to become a better negotiator.

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The second thing I would like to advise is to speak out loud against the gender discrimination. I believe women are naturally gifted for networking and skilled in building communities. Today, many people use social media for different purposes, and it seems to play a crucial part of people’s lives around the world. I think many women can use the social media to promote the discrimination and business at lower cost with high target impact.

In conclusion, gender inequalities in workplaces are rough in contemporary society and are illogical. Numerous studies support that women are capable of doing a task as well as a male can, and even performing better than them. There are so many reasons that show that the issue of gender discrimination in the workplace is significant and negatively impacting. One of the disadvantages working in a place with gender inequality could have a high impact on women’s motivation. Second, gender discrimination or inequality in the workplace could affect the effectiveness of the company’s corporate. Therefore, to solve gender discrimination in the workplace, everyone has to take responsibility. Women’s have to develop their negotiation skill and to speak out loud for their right. Further, Companies should give the opportunities equally to everyone without any isolation.

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