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Economic Comparison: Australia and Malawi

Definition of output levels

The amount of goods or services in a given period of time produced by an industry, country or film in the economy we can call it as output levels, whether used or consumed for the production. The national output’ concept in the field of macroeconomics is absolutely necessary. This is not a huge amount of money, but to make a country rich is the national output.

Australia Agriculture

Australia’s economy is mainly dominated by agriculture. Australia is the major producer and exporter of agricultural products. Australian agricultural map represents a different area of different crops grown in Australia. It is clearly shown in Figure 1 below. Australia more than four hundred thousand people are involved in the agriculture or the jobs which is related to the agriculture. Australian agriculture increased by about 3% of Australia’s gross domestic production. Australian agriculture contributed about 80% of export earnings until the 1950s. In spite of the record has declined in recent years because of the economic expansion. Australian agriculture contains extensive variety of crops, dairy, cultivation, viticulture, animal husbandry and fisheries. Australia’s agricultural takes after reasonable exchange methods and is a part of agricultural trading nations, Cairns Group. Australia’s agricultural industries have been very low subsidiaries or support from the government, but they are stretched out amid uncommon circumstances like dry seasons, saltiness or acridity of soils, and so on.

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Australia’s primary agricultural products are utilized for export and domestic utilization. Terms of area and mass value of wheat and sugar cane to the Australian economy is important cereals. In addition, oilseeds, sunflower crops and grain vegetables are widely grown in Australia for human utilization or dairy cattle feed. Australia produces a few cultivation products such as tomatoes, apples, mangoes, oranges, carrots, potatoes, chestnuts and bananas. Wine industry is a booming Australian agriculture, especially Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon assortments. The rich pastures and great climate of Australia provides adequate supply of dairy products. In addition, Australia trades such as fish, abalone, shrimp and lobster seafood.

New Picture (1).bmp

Figure 1: Agriculture in Australia Map

Malawi Agriculture

Agriculture is the biggest part of the Malawi economy, helping more than a third of GDP and generates more than 90% of the aggregate export earnings. Malawi has long been reliant on the agricultural segment, both as a leading foreign exchange earner, and for subsistence farming in rural areas. The major exports products such as tobacco, tea and sugar. The agricultural sector includes fisheries and forestry. Tobacco is an immense part of economic and social structures in Malawi. Malawi part in universal tobacco advertises overall, is a constrained one because of the relative little size of this country. This is plainly demonstrated in the table 1 below. Malawi has a vast share of the worldwide burley tobacco market. Burley tobacco is a brilliant tobacco having a high nicotine content and flavour are considered better than numerous different sorts of tobacco. Malawi’s climate and soil is particularly suitable for the production of burley tobacco. Malawi tobacco crop accounted almost 20% of the world’s burley production because of its high-quality burley, selling a higher price than most other sorts of tobacco. It was accepted, and still is by some tobacco in general, especially in Burley, will assist in the development of Malawi, allowing the rural poor farmers in the production and sale of moderately high esteem crops. Almost the majority of the tobacco produced in Malawi is traded. The greater part of these tobacco exports are obtained by industrialized countries, specifically the United States and European countries. The domestic consumption of tobacco production is less than 2% in Malawi.

Country Total Export Earnings Earnings From Tobacco Tobacco Earnings as a % of Total Earnings
Argentina 12,235 143 1.2
Brazil 35,965 804 2.2
Malawi 383 293 76.5
Zimbabwe 1,235 450 36.4
Turkey 14,715 309 2.1
India 19,795 163 0.8
Indonesia 33,815 81 0.4
Thailand 32,473 142 0.4
China 84,940 141 0.17

Table 1: Tobacco Exports


Quality of life and the standard of living is the same meaning. Standard of living can be defines as the level of riches, solace, material products and necessities are accessible to a certain financial class in a certain geographic range. For an example, if a person can buy anything he wants means that he is high standard of living, but a low standard of living person who doesn’t have enough water or food to drink and eat. The expectation for everyday life incorporates elements, for example, pay, quality and accessibility of business, class divergence, destitution rate, quality and reasonableness of lodging, hours of work needed to buy necessities, terrible household item, swelling rate, number of excursion days for every year, moderate get to quality social insurance, quality and accessibility of instruction, future, occurrence of malady, expense of merchandise and administrations, foundation, national financial development, monetary and political soundness, political and religious opportunity, natural quality, atmosphere and security.

Standard of Living in Australia

Australia’s standard of living is similarly high compared to other regions of the world, although there are gaps between citizens. Australia also has a group of Aboriginals who have been for throughout the years underestimated by the European pilgrims. This underestimation has prompted a gigantic distinction between the living models of the Europeans and the indigenous tribes. There is additionally a critical divergence in the living benchmarks of the Australian city inhabitants and the rustic tenants.

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Australia has a standout amongst the most prosperous economies on the planet. This monetary development is additionally overall reflected in the way of life of individuals. Urban communities like Melbourne and Sydney has a diverse and lively way of life. World Bank has recognized Australia as one of the wealthiest nations of the world in 1995. In the year 2006 the GDP is $1 trillion. The development of the economy is around 3.3 % for every year. The Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of Australia is one of the most noteworthy on the planet. With the high development of Australian economy the nation has kept up a low development rate of swelling and investment. The administration of Australia puts very in the social and wellbeing framework. Australian high living measures and offices are additionally the motivation behind why the nation pulls in such countless every year.

The gigantic rate of relocation from different nations of the world has transformed Australia into a blend of different societies. At first it was just the English who had relocated into the nation however after the Second World War the situation changed essentially. Since 1950 there was migration from all over Europe and later Immigration from Asian nations likewise occurred. The developing economy, the simple way of life and inconvenience free migration techniques are the fundamental purposes for this.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development association asserts that in the most recent 15 years the development of expectation for everyday comforts has been wonderful in Australia. Inside a couple of years Australia has surpassed the eight nations and is simply abandoned United States.

A country’s standard of living is evaluated mostly by three variables its assets, prosperity of the populace and the quality of life. Australia is the best in health services and educational facilities. The World Health Organization likewise affirms this nation for having a low wrongdoing rate than most parts of world.


Not surprisingly all relies on upon where you mean, standard instead in the rustic regions are much the same as in other Southern Africa nations, generally town based, houses produced using nearby materials, mud blocks, and grass tops and so on. Around the local area the lodging is all the more regularly mud block or concrete piece with grass or iron sheeting as tops. Lilongwe the capital is genuinely created however lingering behind the improvement going ahead in other neighbouring nations like Zambia.

Malawi is a poor nation regarding pay, numerous individuals live around the destitution line, towns in rustic zones will exist on subsistence cultivating, harvests of cassava, corn and tomatoes makes up a substantial piece of the eating regimen, mice are likewise on the menu in Malawi, and are gotten and sold as delicious snacks.

Business cultivating does passageways and tobacco, cotton, peanuts and tea are developed for money crops, principally being sent out to South Africa albeit a significant part of the cotton goes to Egypt. Malawi has a generally poor therapeutic base so the future is additionally low, that coupled with a high HIV rate implies the normal future is around 38-40 years.

There is some low level revolutionary action in the northern ranges showing itself a bigger number of as groups attempting to auto jack than all else. Different levels or wrongdoing are generally low, other than the common negligible law violations in some more touristy regions.

Malawi is undeveloped has next to no by the method for industry so subsequently has unemployment issues, exacerbating the destitution. Malawi for all its blames is a wonderful nation and exceptionally different from the swamps to the good countries, the high country levels are cooler and have some interesting natural life.

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