The Eurozone Crisis and EU Fiscal Governance Reform

 Framing the Eurozone Crisis: A Case of Limited Ambition Abstract The eurozone crisis provided a new opportunity for obtaining supranational fiscal integration within the European single currency area. This study applies a framing analysis to the crisis discourse that emerged from within the European Union’s (EU) intergovernmental forums involved in fiscal policy coordination. As well … Read More»

Impact of NAFTA on Trade

The Impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): An Institutional Analysis of Global and Regional Trade Abstract The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a trade-related framework to ensure the flow of trade and investments between countries. NAFTA is the world’s largest trade agreement involving the United States (U.S.), Canada, and Mexico which promotes … Read More»

Economic Relations of India and China with ASEAN Countries

A Comparative Analysis ABSTRACT India and China are two powers which relations are very difficult to determine: it is both cooperation and completion, conflict and collaboration. However, both China and India can been seen as countries that complement each other`s role in the relationships with ASEAN countries. On the other hand, the strategic differences between them … Read More»

Impact of Gender Inequality on Economic Growth: High HDI Countries

Investigating the effect of gender inequality on economic growth in countries with high human development index Abstract: Undoubtedly, to support and strengthen role of women in society improves health, higher levels of literacy and education, voluntary control of population growth and generally economic growth and equitable distribution of benefits. To achieve such an important goal, … Read More»

Energy Development in Russia and China

ABSTRACT This paper identifies the characteristics of energy development in Russia and China (with the focus on oil sector), investigates the ways of cooperation and related to it problems and how they influence the countries’ economic growth. In this research, we study the wide range of problems related to the practical implementation of strategic cooperation … Read More»

Economic Effects of Brexit

Brexit: The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning? ABBREVIATIONS CAP: Common Agricultural Policy                                    GATS: General Agreement Trade in Services CEE: Central and Eastern European                                 GATT: General Agreement Tariffs and Trade CJEU: European Court of Justice                                     IMF: International Monetary Fund EC: European Community                                                MFN: Most Favoured Nation ECB: European Central Bank                                           NT: … Read More»

Great Recession: Social Impact on Spain and the US

Introduction The Great Recession brought an economic downfall to many countries around the world. Each country experienced the damaging effects of the worldwide recession in their own way depending on the level of development their country was in at the start of the recession. According to Stiglitz (as citied in García, 2010) the global economic crisis … Read More»

Effect of State Intervention on Economic Growth of East Asian Nations

The East Asian Miracle: To what extent was state intervention responsible for the economic growth of the Asian Tigers? Abstract According to a 1993 World Bank report named ‘The East Asian Miracle’, the tremendous economic growth experienced by the Asian Tigers (South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong) was due to the neoliberal fiscal policies implemented by their … Read More»

Contribution of Women to the Economy in the Middle Ages

Introduction This dissertation will focus on the contribution of women to the economy in the Middle Ages. It will explore how and to what extent women contributed to the economy of Medieval England, asking the question of ‘Is the role of women in the medieval economy undervalued by history?’. As part of this it will … Read More»

Impact of the Financial Crisis on Banks and Banking

A bank is a financial intermediary that offers loans and deposits, and payment services. Its core activity is to provide loans to borrowers and to collect deposits from savers. Banks stock money, people need money; therefore, people need banks. Banks provide a home for people’s money, which is something accountants do not do; and banks … Read More»

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