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Advantages & Limitations Of Management Expert System

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Because expert systems is important: they have built by the well ESTABLISHED technology, is year to add Importance of computers and not least Require Commitment from users by Developing Their Own or Be used systems on the market.

Many expert systems have the benefits bots CAN CAN Also have the riscs. The main Objectives is Flexibility in processing, Continuing the activity beneficiaries and Other Benefits

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Long thought that human reasoning in its intuitive forms could not be entrusted to a calculator.Aceasta be true only during artificiale.Cu lack of intelligence on artificial intelligence concluded that the computer use could be made everything that makes man.

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Expert systems are part of the range of tools needed to achieve the automatic or interactive tasks are paying complexe.Rationamentele capable of qualitative and symbolic form of a business management expert systems can be simulated.

Expert systems management technology are productive because they involve them in decision making within an enterprise.

Advantages systems expert

Specific management expert systems are a tool of management in controlling operations and organization executive, with the impact of profit increase is not so by reducing expenditures and by developing the most effective decisions.

Expert system technology is growing and so is difficult to follow their advantages and limitations implies.


1. storage them , expert knowledge is possible by the accumulation of knowledge in composition called structured knowledge base. This knowledge with action potential is able to replace a human expert in a scheduled task, which is essential if we imagine that the expert system is not tired, not sick, does not render the service can operate on Sundays and holidays, no summons and remains whether the notices of strike. However, without periodic refresh to knowledge of the expert system may be a relic.

2.Automation and improve decisions . It is known that specific processing automation of all activities is naturally suited to computing in general. When these treatments aim to obtain information, advice and recommendations or opinions, even aiming at improving decisions, expert systems are most effective solution.

3.Dissemination expertise and normalization decisions . If some expert systems are intended for use by the experts themselves, other systems are designed decentralization dissemination of knowledge and responsibility. They allow use of less qualified personnel to perform tasks in performance expert. It thus allowed the company to operate efficiently even with a staff less qualified because of knowledge sharing.

Dissemination of expertise can operate and where advice for business through a network multimedia system already very promising.

4.Learning and training of users is the fact that the expert system is always an excellent teacher for all users, not only in the relevant expertise, but also the natural way by explaining the reasoning. Even expert system has the support and collaboration can take advantage of expert system.

5.Potential commercial management of expert systems is now different. He formed a marketing expert systems in continuous development, with expert systems generator market.

For these reasons, large firms have adopted their own development policies and expert systems have significant budgets reserved.

Expert systems have many indirect benefits, obtain benefits necuantificabile.În all cases is only critical for the introduction of expert systems restrictive.

Expert systems are a technology like any other and it is understandable economic interest to obtain competitive advantages in trade and progress through them.

In other words technology of these systems help companies dominate the market changes SIS occupy a dominant position near the next millennium.

A special advantage is their relative cost is small, that pay quickly if frequent use of expert systems creste.Însa attention, expert systems are not a panacea, they are profitable only if it is indeed the best solution to the problem of the of competence.

For entities, the potential benefits of expert systems are:

I. Advantages intrinsic behavior expert systems emulate

1. Increase staff performance through fewer human errors caused by:

  • Completeness (discovery of all relevant facts)
  • Consistent (similar cases always give the same result)

2. capacity and productivity growth increased to experts by:

  • Decrease dependence expertise to poor
  • Helping expertlui in relatively simple cases

3 . Maintaining and expanding the base of cunsotiinte by:

  • Archiving critical organization skills
  • Explanation of knowing existing
  • Combining knowledge from multiple sources inside the organization
  • Dissemination of knowledge rare by duplication

II. advantages due to new technology

  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy development
  • Portability
  • Documentation easier

For companies, the possible benefits are:

1.Effects rationality :

  • Savings on staff costs
  • Better use of production capacities
  • Economies of production
  • Savings from automatic documentation

2.Effects of quality improvement :

  • Operation of multiple effects of rationalization
  • Control personnel and suggested solutions / programs
  • Inal qualification and training staff quickly
  • Rapid design and better offers for obtaining orders
  • Own intelligence expensive equipment products for the same level of diagnostic
  • Automate tasks in rural enterprises for manufacturing most successful links

3. Positive organizational Effects :

  • Multiplication expertise
  • Conservation expertise
  • Decentralization of decision making
  • Promote the exchange and development expertise
  • Distributed dynamic decision.

The limits of expert systems

In addition to these benefits and risks listed above appear on Insufficient secret of expertise, the data problem, which must be made carefully because you can never perfect protection of data and knowledge, because of interest and attractiveness exhibited by competitor.

The limits of expert systems is the use by a single knowledge base within the enterprise that can be solved by using multiple applications, databases cunsotiinte undertaken to meet difficulties.

Developing an expert system requires financial efforts, time and energy intelectuala.Atunci the problem is right and finances are involved, the investment is quickly recovered and limitations disappear with improving technology are artificiale.Însa intelligence problem and limits the development of expert systems commercial, as follows:

  • Knowledge is not easy disponibila.Sunt intotdeauana still difficulties in obtaining experti.Abordarea expertise of each expert, in each situation is very difficult dificila.Foarte is chic and expert approved by this technology is in some evaluari.Procesul preset time acquisition of knowledge is still limited
  • Users of expert systems have limited this technology cunsotiinte
  • Expert systems work best in a perfect area bounded
  • Many experts have no independent means to control situations where their conclusions are reasonable
  • Vocabulary used by experts is strictly limited and often difficult to understand cogniticieni
  • Lack of trust is sometimes a barrier to end users in addition to, use of expert systems
  • Transfer of expertise is still a sensitive issue, because the legal basis and the perception of many persons
  • Expert systems never reach conclusions acceptable in the first stadium development.


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